The Basis of Superior Design

We’re here to help.

We have a team of dedicated Home Building and Design Consultants ready to answer any queries you may have. They are friendly, honest and not pushy. We can assist you in making the right choice, enabling you to rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your new home will meet your every requirement.

Engineered excellence.

Every Ben Trager home we build is as individual as you are. As such, we employ innovative and sustainable construction methods that provide you with both value-for-money and flexibility. Ultimately, as the majority of the construction takes place directly on site and is not prefabricated in a workshop, we ensure that your new two storey home is built to stand the test of time. Similarly, our construction methods provide you with greater freedom in design than other builders in Perth, due to the larger unsupported room spans that can be achieved.

A solid foundation.

If a home is only as solid as its foundations, you’ll be pleased to hear that all lower and upper floors of our quality award-winning homes are built using the highest specification poured concrete slabs. At ground level, our construction incorporates a solid concrete slab with engineered footings to all living areas of the home, whilst upstairs features an innovative flooring system, consisting of a concrete slab supported by a framed cavity that culminates in 429mm of total floor thickness.

Sounds of silence.

Many of our clients initially express concern at the level of unwanted noise that is synonymous with two storey homes, and want to know how home builders can resolve this issue. Unlike the regular pre-fabricated construction methods that are common in 2 storey homes, concrete flooring provides superior sound insulation as it has the mass required to reduce the transmission of both airborne and impact sounds between the upper and lower storeys.

Save money and the environment.

Whilst our lower floors feature clay bricks to both the internal and external walls, our timber framed upper floors are finished externally with our unique EIFS wall system. Extensively used throughout the world for over forty years, EIFS acrylic rendered thermal panels are rapidly increasing in popularity, and have been shown to drastically improve energy conservation when compared to standard brick or timber construction. This means that all of our homes not only meet the mandatory 6 star energy rating, but exceed it. What’s more, our EIFS wall system facilitates faster construction times and feature a stylish appearance that will ensure the aesthetics of your new home will never be compromised.

Who is Ben Trager?

It’s fair to say that building is in my blood. I was given the chance to learn a lot from a very young age, as my parents ran and owned their own boutique building company. I still remember travelling around the south-west with my Dad, visiting the sites and talking to the different trades that were building his homes. As I got older, I would work weekends labouring for various trades to earn a bit of extra pocket money and this exposed me to many aspects of the building process. At 19, I started my own business manufacturing and supplying building products to the industry. Over the next decade, the business grew organically and became the largest single site manufacture of its kind in Australia. Personally, I have always taken great pride in providing the best service and innovative solutions to my customers and this philosophy is reflected in the way I run my business. This is something that has never changed and never will. Ben Trager Homes is a culmination of all those collective years of experience, coupled with an unwavering internal drive to be better and achieve more every day. This philosophy is shared by every member of my team and our commitment to all our customers past, present and future is a transparent, honest offer underpinned by the best customer service experience we can provide. Innovation is a concept that is used regularly and for me, true innovation is more than a home builders marketing term – it is the basis of everything we do. It underpins our whole business, and enables us to deliver the best value homes in the Perth market today. Although we currently live a fast paced, ever-changing and technology driven lifestyle, I strongly believe that some things will never change and that affordable, liveable homes built with integrity will stand the test of time. image description
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