Many people find that using green as a primary tone in a room can dominate the space, but this shouldn’t stop you from using green accents if they suit your colour scheme. Greens tend to work beautifully with neutral palettes and it doesn’t take too much to add a splash of welcome colour to your room.  Items like vases, chairs, curtains or cushions will draw the eye, becoming a focal point of the room and bringing a sense of calmness to the space.

1. Rockwell display home in Harrisdale.
2. Tableware choices add coloured accents to the kitchen.
3. Small indoor plants in the master ensuite.
4. Accentuate the greenery of the garden with matching outdoor cushions.
5. Colorbond Steel roof cover in Shale Grey.
6. Reflective appliances can bring the outdoors in with ease.
7. External texture render in Dulux Whitsunday Island.
8. External feature texture render in Dulux Treehouse.
9. Spread your theme by adding matching bathroom pieces.