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Our team of dedicated Home Building and Design Consultants have extensive experience in the Western Australian marketplace. Listening to your every requirement, our team takes great pride in delivering an exceptional standard of service that is individually tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Engineered excellence, inside and out

Constantly seeking new ways to improve our building process, the team at Ben Trager Homes employ innovative and sustainable construction methods that provide you with both value-for-money and flexibility, whilst minimizing our impact on the environment. By undertaking the majority of construction directly on site, we ensure that your new two storey home is built to its individual specifications.

Further, as our construction methods enable larger unsupported room spans, you have greater freedom when designing your dream home meaning you can truly let your imagination run free.

A solid foundation

As the old adage says, a home is only as solid as its foundations. At Ben Trager Homes, we ensure that all lower and upper floors of our quality and award-winning homes are built using the highest specification poured concrete slabs. On the ground, all of our homes incorporate a solid concrete slab with engineered footings to all living areas of the home, whilst our innovative second-storey construction method consists of a concrete slab supported by a framed cavity, culminating in an incredible 429mm of total floor thickness.

Peace of mind

It is no secret that many two-storey homes feature a high degree of unwanted noise, and our clients are constantly seeking assurance that our innovative methods will keep distracting noise levels to a minimum. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide our clients with peace of mind as our concrete flooring construction method delivers superior sound insulation, due to the level of mass required to reduce the transmission of both airborne and impact sounds between the upper and lower storeys.

Australian made and owned

Ben Trager Homes is the leading builder of double storey homes in Perth, as well as one of the most respected building companies that is solely owned and operated in Western Australia. We strive to ensure that our building products are locally sourced from genuine, high quality Australian materials, whether that is from the bricks used to build your new home, to the tiles and choice of appliances.

All the cabinetry in your new Ben Trager home, including those in your new kitchen, laundry, and ensuite, are built to the highest Australian standards by Rose Cabinets, who are part of the SSB Group. Rose Cabinets utilise industry leading machinery and practices in order to provide 8 automated CNC controlled machines to ensure that the quality of the cabinets going into your new home are precise and perfect.

We here at Ben Trager Homes do not utilise flat pack kitchens imported from overseas, which allows you to fully customise your kitchen design while still allowing for the highest quality possible.

Leaving a legacy for generations to come

Today, we all have a role to play in ensuring that we minimise our impact on the environment, and leave a long-standing and secure legacy for generations.

With our lower floors featuring clay bricks to both the internal and external walls, our timber framed upper floors are finished externally with our unique EIFS wall system. Extensively used throughout the world for over half a decade, EIFS acrylic rendered thermal panels are gaining in popularity, primarily due to their improved energy conservation when compared to standard brick or timber construction. For our valuable clients, this means that they can rest assured that their new home not only meets the mandatory 6 star energy rating, but exceeds it.

What’s more, with faster construction times, and a range of stylish colours and finishes available, our EIFS wall system will ensure that your new home will be a true reflection of your personality – and will stand the test of time for years to come.

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