Construction Methods

At Ben Trager Homes we have found that by combining both conventional clay brick construction with a concrete floor and lightweight upper frames and trusses, we can  provide an unrivalled balance of thermal mass and insulative properties of the walls and roof which provide the best all round liveability of our homes and lowest environmental impact and ongoing living costs. Not to mention, faster and more flexible builds than traditional methods.


Lower floor walls are constructed with traditional clay bricks. We use single course and 2 course bricks depending on specification and our clients’ preference.

Upstairs – Walls

Upper floor walls are timber-framed and clad in pre-fabricated EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) panels. These EPS panels have an R 3.1 rating and are more energy efficient than brickwork, leading to a saving of up to 50 times on production energy over the lifetime of the building.

Additionally, with their superior insulating properties, the panels are fully recyclable and are unaffected by extreme temperature changes.

Rapidly becoming the material of choice for many, composite light weight panel technology has revolutionised the building industry, leading a move away from the traditional double brick method of construction.

At the fore front of this construction technique in Perth, Ben Trager Homes produce a fast and efficient build directly on-site, whilst still achieving exceptionally high standards in quality and appearance.

Benefits of this system:

• Construction time is reduced, therefore saving owners on rent, interest on land and interest on construction loan.
• Living costs are reduced due to the improved heating and cooling effectiveness achieve.
• Lifetime structural warranty.
• EPS is used throughout the world, is stronger structurally than brick, and is widely used in earthquake and cyclonic zones.
• When finished, it looks the same as rendered brickwork.

Upstairs – Floors

Ben Trager Homes utilises a 5 course deep engineered flooring system to support the upper floor that is comprised of steel trusses and a poured concrete slab.

This system offers superior insulation and thermal mass, increasing the home’s energy efficiency rating whilst reducing unwanted noise transfer.

If you would like to visit one of our sites to see our methods for yourself, please contact us and we would be happy to show you.

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