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Demolish & Build with Ben Trager Homes

If you’ve outgrown your existing house, but love the area you’re living in, the best solution may be to knock down your old home and build a beautiful brand new one.

We can produce a design just for you that offers the perfect new lifestyle, breathing new life into your old address.

When you knock down and rebuild new, we understand that you’ll want to be in safe hands every step of the way. That’s why our experienced team are here to assist with the entire process, from the initial planning and design stages, to the demolition, to the pre-construction phase, and the build itself – not to mention our post-handover maintenance service.

We recognise that you’re looking for a new home solution that caters precisely to your needs; a liveable design that reflects your family. That’s why all of our clever floor plans can be adapted, and also why we offer an obligation-free design and quote service; to deliver a home that is uniquely yours.

Why demolish and build?

Western Australia has experienced significant increases in land prices over the last decade, and as a result, older properties in many suburbs now have impressive land values.

More homeowners are now choosing to demolish their existing dwelling and build a new home. This allows you to preserve the equity in your land and avoid paying stamp duty and associated selling fees.

If you love your location but the house isn’t ticking all the boxes, then you need to speak to Ben Trager Homes about our demolish and rebuild process today – let us show you how we can provide more of what matters.

With Ben Trager Homes the demolish and build process is almost always more cost effective and less stressful than renovating the existing home.

You often hear stories of renovators uncovering structural issues or other ‘surprises’ during their renovation process, adding unexpected costs and unnecessary stress to the building process. Ben Trager Homes has extensive experience in assisting clients with the process of demolishing and rebuilding new, ensuring clients are aware of the construction costs upfront.

So that means financially, funds saved by rebuilding vs renovating can offer exciting possibilities with regard to building your new home – we’re thinking larger rooms, higher ceilings, upgrading kitchen appliances or even a higher specification.

Our Building Consultants provide support and advice from the very start of the project, and guide you through the process of demolishing and building new, from initial planning and design through to construction and final handover.

Our experienced team have a thorough understanding of investment opportunities within the Perth market, as well as knowledge of utility provider requirements, local council guidelines and applicable building regulations. Additionally, by opting to demolish and rebuild new, you are offered full design flexibility rather than being committed to ‘add’ onto your original home’s floor plan in an attempt to breathe new life into it.

At Ben Trager Homes we can also discuss the option of demolishing and subdividing your block, providing an investment property as well as a family home – now that’s smart thinking!


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