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The benefits of having a scullery

What was once considered the domain of only the grandest of homes, the scullery has made a welcome comeback in recent years, and is now a common inclusion in almost all new builds; and this is great news for those of us who love using our kitchens for entertaining, who have large families to prepare […]

The A-Z of Building

For some people, building a new home can feel like being trapped in a never-ending game of scrabble – where every word is worthy of a triple letter score! Fear not though because Ben Trager Homes has the A-Z of building right here – giving you the confidence to banter with your builders like a […]

Why a townhouse could be the perfect new home for you

With so many types of homes available in today’s market, it can be challenging to decide which style of housing suits you best. There may be options you haven’t even considered yet, like building a stunning new townhouse!     What’s the difference between a townhouse and a typical house? Townhouses are usually built in […]

Considerations for designing a home for a large family

Once upon a time the standard Perth home consisted of three bedrooms, one bathroom and one family room, and although we lived this way for many years, the need for more space became increasingly apparent, with additional rooms regularly being tacked on to cater for growing families. Fast forward to 2018 and the new norm […]