Blog | Ben Trager Homes - Part 3

Tips for choosing the perfect block

Whether you dream of building a minimalist nod to modernism or a sun-drenched mansion by the sea, there are certain factors that need to be considered when choosing the perfect block to suit your needs; and the most obvious place to start is the location. Most people will have a particular zone or suburb in […]

Clever design ideas to maximise space

How many times have you declared in frustration, “we need more space!!”? Many times? All the time? Well you’re not alone. “We need more space” has become a sort of war cry for people all over the country who are desperate to live a life less cluttered. Thankfully there’s hope at hand with these clever […]

Less can be more… Why are houses getting smaller?

It’s no secret that life can get chaotic, with every minute of the day seemingly accounted for before it’s even begun! Living at such a harried pace makes it hard to believe that our families are considered small these days, but the official number of residents per household has decreased over the last couple of decades, […]