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Colour Schemes

Colour Scheme: Beachy Keen

Many Western Australians feel a strong connection to the ocean and take comfort in the tranquillity of an ocean inspired space. If you are looking to take inspiration from the ocean then make sure that you choose a crisp clean white and a shade of blue that truly reflects the colour of the ocean or […]


Colour Scheme: Earthy Elements

Many designers take inspiration from the world around them and it is not surprising to see the rise in popularity of deep, earthy tones as people look to bring the shades of the outside in. These beautiful rich hues are ideal for a living room or adding some intimacy to a dining room and are […]


Colour Scheme: Gorgeous Greens

Many people find that using green as a primary tone in a room can dominate the space, but this shouldn’t stop you from using green accents if they suit your colour scheme. Greens tend to work beautifully with neutral palettes and it doesn’t take too much to add a splash of welcome colour to your […]


Colour Scheme: Cool Blues

Did you know that the colours on your walls can actually make the room look bigger or smaller? Cooler colours like blue push the walls out and make the room look larger, while warm colours like red, tend to have the opposite effect.  What’s more, blue is a relaxing colour and this is the reason […]