As we all know, the majority of new home construction takes place in land estates, but here at Ben Trager many of our clients come to us with a dream of building their new home in an established area, where they can enjoy the amenities and lifestyle of a well-founded and thriving community.

To buy in an established area though, clients need to find a block of land that suits the style, size, shape and budget of their ideal home; and in neighbourhoods where land is most often created through the subdivision or redevelopment of an existing block, this may present a few challenges.

Unlike a land estate where developers have taken care of the regulations, guidelines and services for each block and where land comes in standard sizes, when buying in an established area, the purchaser must find a block with the right dimensions to suit their needs, plus they will be responsible for sourcing information on what they can and can’t do when building their new home. If this seems too daunting, Ben Trager Homes can help organise this as an additional service.

With this in mind, the first step for any potential land buyer will be to speak to their Ben Trager Building Consultant to ensure the block will be a good fit for their new home or to design a home that will suit. Clients can also discuss whether the block’s dimensions will put any restrictions on the home design they have chosen and how these restrictions can be overcome.

Following this Ben Trager homes will contact your local government, to enquire about the block’s zoning, heritage conservation, planning requirements and building restrictions (height and setback requirements). These policies can have a significant impact on the style, size and position on the block of the home they wish to build.

Also impacting a decision to purchase will be the streetscape where the preferred block is located, and what bearing it could have on the chosen home design. Consider wanting to build a contemporary masterpiece amongst a street filled with art deco delights. The contrast may be too jarring for the streetscape and the local government might even restrict anything that doesn’t blend with the area’s historic style.

The neighbouring properties must also be considered before making a land purchase. Is there a vacant block next door? If so, find out from the local government if any buildings or subdivisions are proposed. Are there services already in place, such as power, water and Telstra pits? Are there any privacy issues with the surrounding homes and are they well maintained? After all, is it worth building a much longed for luxurious home where a new neighbour only mows the lawn every six months?!

Although choosing land in an established area can be more complicated than buying in a land estate, it does provide the opportunity to create a home that is truly unique, from the way the building sits on the block to how the elevation reinvigorates the existing streetscape; while placing you and your family in the heart of an already vibrant location.