How many times have you declared in frustration, “we need more space!!”?

Many times? All the time? Well you’re not alone. “We need more space” has become a sort of war cry for people all over the country who are desperate to live a life less cluttered. Thankfully there’s hope at hand with these clever ideas for maximising space and storage.

Making your home feel bigger is step one in creating that elusive sense of space we all crave. And the key to this is using innovative design concepts to make the best use of the floor plan that you have.

Opening up areas that have traditionally felt cramped, like the entrance to a house, is like breathing new life into a home. The entry is the first room that anyone sees and making it feel airy and inviting not only creates a beautiful statement of what’s to come, it also enables the area to be transformed into a functional zone. Consider allowing enough room for a bench for sitting to remove shoes and storing kids school bags – you’ll be grateful for the floor space it frees up in other parts of the house!

Structural features such as high ceilings and sliding doors also have a significant impact on the sense of space within a home. As well as feeling luxurious, high ceilings instantly provide an enviable feeling of spaciousness, while sliding doors have a similar effect by taking up less space than a traditional door. Cavity sliding doors, in particular, are an innovative way to instantly make an area feel uncluttered by creating the illusion of having no door whatsoever, without losing the functionality.

Wherever possible, fit out bedrooms with in-built wardrobes that include hanging space, shelving and drawers. Having it all in one place makes the room look neater and more streamlined, as well as providing a place for everything. And just like bedrooms, in functional areas like the laundry, make use of all the wall space to include cupboards, shelving, benchtops and even a hanging area for laundered clothes to dry - eliminating the need for those space shrinking clothes horses.

Probably the easiest way to solve a space conundrum is the simple shelf. Available in myriad shapes and sizes, shelves can make every room feel more organised in an instant. Built in shelving allows you to make the most of typically unused wall-space and can be an impressive feature. Shelves can be custom made or purchased pre-made and ready to go. Use different widths for different needs; shelving above children’s beds for books can be rather narrow, whereas shelving in the kitchen might be broader to hold kitchen appliances or those gorgeous vases and vessels that need to be on show.

And while you’re in the kitchen, think about maximising space by adding overhead cupboards or shelving to your kitchen design, using vertical storage shelving in the pantry, and organised drawers for anything from cutlery and spices to crockery and Tupperware.

Of course, the list of ideas for maximising the space in your home is only limited to your imagination. Inspiration can be found everywhere from the internet, to magazines and even the homes of friends and family. Find what inspires you and your home will be a stunningly spacious success.