Fire pits are quite literally the hottest trend in outdoor living right now. Their popularity just keeps on growing as people choose to spend more time outdoors, even in the colder months, with friends and family.
But it’s not just a love of the outdoors that’s driving this popular installation. With a general shift towards building home designs like townhouses or two-storey homes on smaller blocks of land, seated fire pits are becoming the go-to for backyard entertaining. Why? They can take up less space than a traditional alfresco area and can be positioned anywhere in your outdoor space.
Gathering around a fire to talk, laugh, sing, dance and of course toast marshmallows has long been a popular pastime, but unlike old fashioned fire pits, today’s varieties come in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and styles, including sleek modern designs, traditional styles and even amazingly intricate laser cut designs.
As with any addition to an outdoor zone, there are a few things to consider.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Fire Pit:

  • Choose a firepit that will complement the space it’s intended for. A tiny fire pit in a large area will look wrong and may also struggle to give off enough heat to be effective, likewise a large pit in a confined space will overwhelm the whole design of the space, and will pose safety risks
  • Free standing and stationary fire pits are usually ethanol/gel fuelled, but they may also be the old timber burning style. If choosing a timber burning pit, make sure it has a top screen to trap burning embers.
  • Don’t forget to consider the seating you want around the fire pit. From comfy couches to wooden bench seats, there are so many choices.
  • The fire pit itself must be sturdy, the heavier the better. Check for thick welding at the joints and make sure it sits flat on the ground without any rocking. Thicker steel does cost more but will mean a safer fire pit that will last for years to come. Australian steel is the standard, but thick imported steel is also an option.
Like anything around the home, safety is paramount. Keep your fire pit safe by following these simple rules:
  • Never leave children unsupervised near a fire pit, the potential for injury is great and accidents do happen
  • Allow a four-metre exclusion zone between the fire pit and any flammable structures
  • Fire pits are strictly for use in an open outdoor area
Fire pits have become a kind of gathering place for family and friends in backyards across Western Australia. Providing warmth and light on cold nights, they are both aesthetically pleasing and create an unrivalled ambience.
In this time of integrated outdoor and indoor living, a fire pit provides the perfect opportunity to gather outside, no matter the temperature, to share a drink, cook food or just enjoy the atmosphere.
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