Just like any other major project, building your first home requires research, planning and organisation to ensure a successful outcome. If you are working with Ben Trager Homes your Building Consultant will be on hand every step of the way to help you, however, there’s still a few factors that every person taking the new home journey needs to keep in mind.

Money Matters

Before making any contractual commitments, take the time to meet with a Financial Advisor to discuss your financial position and to ascertain how much you can afford in mortgage repayments. Many people overlook this part of the process, but it really is so valuable for avoiding headaches down the track.

With your money situation sorted, you will be in a position to meet with a Mortgage Broker, who will not only find the best home loan for you, but will also tell you if you’re eligible for the First Home Owners Grant and check if transfer duty or any other additional fees are applicable to your mortgage application. Finally, a Mortgage Broker can organise a pre-approval from your lender to show you meet their criteria for a loan up to a specified amount, putting you in the driver’s seat during sales negotiations.

Here at Ben Trager we recommend meeting with Iconic Home Loans, who provide exceptional service and work closely with us to ensure a smooth process the whole way through.

Choose the location and design of your home

With your finances ready to go, it’s time to finalise the fundamental details of the project, including where you will build and the design of the single or double storey home you choose.

Do your research and decide on a block or contact Ben Trager Homes for a house and land package within an estate that suits your needs and budget.

Then work with Ben Trager Homes to finalise the home design that suits your requirements and funds. This means making a list of your needs or ‘must haves’ for your ideal design, so you know what your priorities are. Make another list of your wants for the items that you would like to have if they fall within your budget.

Ben Trager Homes also suggests considering solar and low energy options when choosing large appliances, particularly those that will be installed during the build, such as air-conditioning. This kind of preparation during the planning stage should help keep your energy bills low over the life time of your new home.

And finally, ensure you understand your building contract and have finalised the design prior to signing the contract documents. If you have any concerns or queries, raise these with your Building Consultant as soon as possible.


To arrange the transfer of ownership for the land or the house and land package you will need to engage a Settlement Agent to process your purchase. The Settlement Agent will arrange for you to sign your settlement documents. They will also ensure your First Home Owner’s Grant application has been completed (if you are eligible) and request the transfer duty payment (if applicable).