Making your home a haven

Interior Design Services

At Ben Trager Homes, we know it is important for you to love the home you live in. This is especially true when you’re building a home for your family, as it needs to be a good fit for your lifestyle. This is where interior design comes in. 

We now offer a one-on-one interior design service so you can get the most out of your stunning new home in Perth. Tailored to suit your needs, we can offer design consultations that focus on colour schemes and tile selections. We can provide guidance to maximise the aesthetic appeal of your new home, while giving you more choices.

Our exclusive packages are designed to streamline the decision making process as you choose the finishing touches. Your choices should reflect your unique personality, providing exactly the right look and feel for your new home.

What is included?

Our experienced interior design team will work with you to ensure the inside of your new home exceeds your expectations. When you choose Ben Trager Homes you will gain the expertise of one of Perth’s leading builders, and we will never rush you through the decision making process.

Once you have selected the perfect floor plan for your family, the next step is selection. This phase of your building journey is where you choose your colours, materials, fixtures, and fittings. Our design packages include multiple meetings with a professional interior designer, which includes tile selection, consultation, and a PreStart meeting.

We have a showroom filled with inspiration and ideas, and we welcome you to take the time to explore the available options. Whether it is stunning stone cladding, exquisite cabinetry, or premium flooring, we have an interior design solution you are sure to love.

From the floor plan to the interior design, when you choose Ben Trager Homes your new domain can be customised specifically to the lifestyle you want to lead.

Contact us today to start your building journey with one of Perth’s most trusted companies.

Understanding your needs

When you build a new home it can be an overwhelming process as there are a number of decisions to be made. We think this should be an exciting time, and our interior design service can give you the right mix of support and advice to ensure your interior design is stylish and customised to your lifestyle.

This assistance is available to help you streamline the decision making process. Selecting both interior and exterior finishes to create a flow throughout your home is achievable with our interior design service.

Sophisticated style

When you meet with our interior designer you will feel confident with her expertise and professionalism. As a dedicated member of our team, our interior designer works hard to understand the needs of our clients, and applies any feedback to the designs. Each build is carefully assessed and planned to ensure the end result looks professional, with the perfect balance between sophisticated elegance and style being met.

Your stunning new home will not only look visually appealing, but it will also be comfortable and inviting. This will be a place you love to come home to, and somewhere the whole family can enjoy.

The right colour pallette

Trends come and go, and finding a timeless colour palette that creates a welcoming environment is essential. Our colour consultation service is available for both internal and exterior design components. We can assist you in making colour choices which are stylish and complementary, while still being reflective of your personality.

With our individual consultations, your colour palette will be exclusive to your home and may include paint colours, soft furnishings, tiles, and cabinetry.