It’s no secret that life can get chaotic, with every minute of the day seemingly accounted for before it’s even begun! Living at such a harried pace makes it hard to believe that our families are considered small these days, but the official number of residents per household has decreased over the last couple of decades, with the most obvious reason for this being professional couples having children later in life.

And it’s these smaller families, with their willingness to sacrifice space for their preferred lifestyle and location, who are driving a desire for smaller homes on smaller blocks, most often in urban areas. And why not? For so long we have wanted large homes on large blocks, and to have this we’ve had to move further and further away from the city, resulting in long commutes, more reliance on our cars and less time left to do the things we love.

Imagine leaving your gorgeous Urban Mews townhouse each morning to walk, cycle or take the train to work. No traffic to contend with and no overpriced parking. Or perhaps walking the kids to school, chatting to neighbours along the way and enjoying a coffee from a local café on the journey home. Fresh air and local fare, it all sounds like a long forgotten urban utopia, one that we can’t wait to bring back!

With time being the most precious commodity we have these days, it’s no wonder Gen X and Y parents are taking the opportunity to downsize their lives to have more time with family and friends. Not to mention the chance to reduce their personal impact on the environment, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and experience a greater sense of community.

Of course, this movement is not only about people power, tackling Perth’s urban sprawl is a hot topic at the moment, with Premier Mark McGowan recently announcing plans for major infill projects around Perth, aiming to create 5000 new houses over the next 15 years to halt Perth’s ever-expanding footprint, which is now recognised as one of the biggest in the world.

This Infill land is created by rezoning existing land so that it can be subdivided into two blocks that sit side by side or front and back, or multiple unit sites. The land is often smaller and tighter, meaning that we now need to build smarter, leaner and smaller houses in these areas, such as Ben Trager’s Urban Mews townhouses.

The Urban Mews collection of townhouses are designed to truly maximise the use of space on a narrow 6m block. There are five home designs and a variety of contemporary elevations; and you’ll be pleased to know that although the blocks are smaller, when you build an Urban Mews townhouse you won’t be compromising on living space or quality, with luxury details and open-plan living all standard, along with all of the many features that make Ben Trager Homes a leader in the two-story building industry.