Building a new home can be an incredibly exciting time for a family. From the initial delight of deciding on the design you want, through to visiting the building site to check on progress; the journey is filled with the thrill of anticipation and the sheer joy of the final product.

However, although the path to building a new home is well worn, it isn’t without its challenges. Follow these four easy steps to keep your project on track.

1. Good research - the cornerstone of a successful build

The importance of research when building a home can’t be overstated. It’s simply a necessity, so hop online and research builders, designers, real estate websites, reviews, Pinterest and Instagram for ample inspiration and information.

Supplement your online search by immersing yourself in magazines, brochures and lift outs; consider creating a mood board filled with pictures, colour swatches and materials, to really help you visualise what you want.

And don’t forget to get advice from friends and family who have already been involved in building a new home - they will have first-hand experience and tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Location, location, location

Once you’ve finished your research it’s time to find land in a location that suits your budget and lifestyle needs. Stay flexible and include two or three suburbs in your search. This will make it easier to find a block that suits all of your needs, not just some. And when you find that place to call home, make sure to check zoning requirements for your block with the local council, as this could affect your building plans and site costs.

3. Needs vs Wants

With your research done and your land secured it’s time to start planning. Begin by confirming the specifications of your preferred home design – what is a ‘must have’ and what is a ‘want’.

When making these important decisions, take the time to think about the direction your home will be facing. Will this effect your preferred location of rooms and general layout?

Finally, make a non-negotiable list of items and layouts that you must have in your house and try to have these included within your initial quote. Make sure you read through brochures and documents carefully to be sure of what’s included, and always check if you can add or change things during the process.

4. Keep track of your spending

Before you sign on the dotted line, you will undoubtedly have a budget established for the build. Ben Trager Homes will work with you to stay on track with your spending, but you can take control with one of the many budget tracking apps available, giving you access to your spending at the touch of a button. Or simply construct a reliable spreadsheet, but be fastidious and don't forget to enter expenses as soon they occur.