Spring is nearly here, which means it’s time to clear out the cobwebs with a good spring clean, so we can enjoy the months of sunshine ahead!

Although everyone loves the feeling of decluttering their home and clearing away old junk, for many of us the thought of going through our homes room by room, cupboard by cupboard is overwhelming, so to get you cleaning like a professional, we’ve compiled some tips for spring cleaning without the stress.

Safety First: Always remember to be safe; if any of the jobs require you to get on the roof or to work with electrics, hire a professional.

Declutter: Start by decluttering and try to be ruthless. Donate, sell or dump anything you no longer use. Organising everything is a lot easier once this job is done. Clear out wardrobes, the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboards, storage areas, kids toy boxes, the shed and the garage.

Make a list of cleaning and maintenance jobs: Make a list of all the jobs you want to do. Put the most urgent, or most important job, at the top. Having a list will not only give you a starting point, ticking off jobs as they’re completed will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you cover your base with your spring clean:

  • Remove cobwebs and built up dust from ceilings, windows and cornices
  • Dust and clean light fixtures and lamps and replace bulbs as necessary
  • Clean all windows
  • Wipe down ceiling fan blades
  • Vacuum or mop in each room
  • Test smoke alarms
  • Wash walls with sugar soap
  • Sort paperwork
  • Clean gutters
  • Get air conditioning unit serviced by a professional
  • Weed and fertilise your lawn
  • Oil wooden furniture or decks to protect them from the sun
  • Reseal limestone pavers
  • If you have a pool, test the water and add any chemicals that are needed

Gather your supplies: Create a cleaning caddy. Look at your list of jobs and decide what cleaning products you will need. Get a basket or caddy to keep everything in, then it can all be easily taken from room to room. Your incredibly organised cleaning station will be all the inspiration you need to get scrubbing!

Your spring cleaning caddy could include:

  • Cloths
  • Duster
  • Window cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Leather cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Sugar soap
  • Gloves
  • Toothbrush (for getting into small spots in bathroom)
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Bin bags

Take your time: Work through your list over a few weeks. Trying to squeeze it all into a few days will just put you under unnecessary pressure. Set aside a day or a few hours a week and put in some real elbow grease.

Reward yourself: Once you have completed your whole list, treat yourself. Have a nice dinner out or simply sit back in your sparkling clean home, drink in hand and start planning your first Summer BBQ.

Spring is a symbol of new life, so prepare for spring by breathing new life into your home - you’ll feel refreshed and renewed and your home will too. If we can help you with any further tips contact us today!