House and land packages come about when a developer, who is selling land, asks a builder to provide housing designs for particular blocks of land. The developer and builder then combine both elements into a ‘House and Land’ package. There are many benefits to choosing a house and land package, including less paperwork, overall savings and reliable project management, to name just a few. Read on for more of the amazing benefits:

These Are All The Best Benefits Of Choosing A House And Land Package

AffordabilityOpting to build a house and land package is usually more cost effective than purchasing the land and the home separately. This is usually because most house and land packages are in developing areas.However, there is also the opportunity to save considerably on stamp duty too, as it is only paid on the value of the vacant land and not the price of the home that will come in the future (unlike buying an established property where stamp duty is paid on the value of house and land).Sometimes buying a home can throw up unexpected expenses along the way, so any amount saved is a great help. Plus, saving as much as possible in the building process will mean there’s more left in the budget for furniture and decorating.Location, location, locationHouse and Land packages are often built in new developments, that are designed to follow modern urban design principles. They have easy access to public transport and are conveniently located close to schools, amenities and parks. There is also the added benefit of being surrounded by new homes, which is always good when it comes to maintaining the value of your home.Personalise to your tasteWhy would you buy an existing home when you can build a brand new one? The opportunity for personalisation is one of the most appealing reasons to go down the route of building. Buyers have the option to change the internal design of the home and to choose flooring, tiles, fixtures, fittings and colours.Peace of mindHouses that are not newly built can obviously have issues, and that means that if anything goes wrong you have no recourse. Anything that breaks, cracks or leaks will leave you out of pocket. Building a house with a reputable builder will mean that you can rest assured that you are getting quality and should anything need attention then you have the peace of mind of a guarantee.If you are considering building, then Ben Trager House and Land Packages are the perfect way to help you realise your home owning dream. With townhouse and land packages from $331 a week, you will find a package to suit your needs and your budget.If you want to see the benefits of choosing a house and land package in person, check out our single storey home designs and double storey designs now at one of our conveniently located display homes around the Perth metro area. Contact Us today to find out more.