What was once considered the domain of only the grandest of homes, the scullery has made a welcome comeback in recent years, and is now a common inclusion in almost all new builds; and this is great news for those of us who love using our kitchens for entertaining, who have large families to prepare meals for or who just love having plenty of storage space!

This renewed interest in sculleries is undoubtedly related to our modern love of open plan living, which has put our kitchens and the work we do in them, on display like never before. So, to make our kitchens look seamless, clean and uncluttered, the addition of a scullery is a saviour.

Sculleries can come in any shape or size and will typically contain many of the elements you would find in the average kitchen. Tucked off to the side or hidden behind the main kitchen, the size of this top-secret area will vary depending on your lifestyle, for instance, you might want a scullery that accommodates your whitegoods and plenty of bench space, or something much smaller to simply keep the clutter away.

If you are a born entertainer, consider making your scullery large enough to accommodate a functional bench top space to allow for food preparation to be kept out of sight, containing smells, spills and scraps. And don’t forget about the mess! Having the dishwasher located in the scullery not only keeps messy dishes, pots and pans out of sight, it also frees up space in the kitchen for additional shelving or drawers, creating more storage.

Speaking of storage, if that’s your thing, make the most of your scullery by including plenty of shelving for food and other pantry items, storage for pots and pans and other cooking needs and a home for your appliances like toasters, food processers, blenders, microwaves etc.

Make sure you plan for additional power points for appliances and keep in mind that when these household devices are stored and used within the scullery, it will allow for additional bench space and less benchtop clutter in the main kitchen area, creating that clean, organised aesthetic we all desire.

Today’s homes have embraced open plan living and entertaining spaces like never before; providing an uninhibited sense of flow and grandeur, central to this is uncluttered surfaces and this is where additions like the scullery become the star.