A good wardrobe can be life changing. That might sound dramatic, but if you’ve ever had to struggle through without one, then you will be very aware of just how wonderful a wardrobe can be.

The perfect wardrobe is one that has designated space for your clothes, shoes and accessories, is easy to keep organised and most importantly, is functional.

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Where to start

So where do you start when planning your perfect wardrobe? Start by working out your needs, using your current wardrobe as a guide. Visualise how you would like your clothes and accessories stored in your ideal space and consider the following:

  • How much full and half-length hanging space do you require? This will depend on the amount of dresses, pants and coats you have
  • How much shelving will you need for your shoes, and would you like open spaces for displaying hats/handbags?
  • If you have a lot of scarves/ties, it is worth considering a pull-out hanging rack?
  • How many drawers will you need? Don’t forget to include room for your socks and underwear
  • Do you prefer to hide your clothes behind doors or is open and easily accessible more appealing?

Supersize your storage

Once you have ascertained what your priorities are in a wardrobe, it’s time to think about storage. Making sure to maximise storage space by having shelving extended right up to the ceiling will ensure you end up with the ultimate wardrobe. You may need a step to reach the top shelf, so storing items that you don’t need access to on a daily basis is recommended.

There are also many storage accessories on the market that will help make the space more functional and organised, so do your research and use every inch of wall and floor space you can.

Light it up

One of the most important parts of a successful wardrobe is the lighting. - it really should be a key consideration in your whole design. Having some natural light is ideal, but it isn’t always possible, so adding extra overhead lighting is the next best thing. For a special touch, use LED strip lighting to illuminate the underside of your new wardrobe.

Wardrobe decor

For many people, the best part of planning the ideal wardrobe would have to be the decorating. Creating a stylish and luxurious space, with gorgeous finishes and décor, can turn your wardrobe into a dream dressing space.

Some tips for ensuring your wardrobe has the look you love include:

  • Carry on the decor and colours from the attached bedroom, so it doesn’t look disjointed
  • Choose your flooring – perhaps soft, luxe carpet or floorboards with decorative rugs… It really is a personal choice!
  • If space allows, include a full-length feature mirror with flattering lights above
  • An ottoman or armchair in your wardrobe will not only look good but is practical for when you need to put on/take off shoes.
  • If you really want to make a statement, a glamorous storage island is the way to go. These can include drawers and glass displays for your jewellery/watches and have valuable bench space on top that can be used for whatever you please.
  • A dressing table is also an option, it also means your walk-in wardrobe can now serve as a one stop shop, where you can get dressed, apply makeup and do your hair all in the one room

A fabulous and functional wardrobe is within everyone’s reach, but to ensure that you are happy with the end result, make sure you do your research by browsing the internet and social media for ideas and inspiration or creating a mood board. The key is to know what you want when it comes time to discuss options with your builder - you’ll be well rewarded for your planning and preparation!