Two-storey home designs are extremely popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. As the average size of a block of land continues to shrink, people are looking for ways to maximise living space on smaller lots, with building-up proving to be the perfect solution.

One of the most appealing things about building one of these homes is that it frees up land to be used as outdoor space, which in Perth is an essential part of our lifestyle.

Building a two-storey home on a smaller block means your added floorspace won’t take up any square metres in your backyard. This extra space may mean you get to have a large backyard, which families with small children or pets will certainly appreciate.

Along with having room to have the outdoor entertaining zone of your dreams, having a second storey might also mean access to a balcony for laid back entertaining. And if you’re lucky enough to also have access to nice views, our two-storey home designs will mean you get the full benefits of your fabulous outlook.

Two-storey home designs really are the perfect choice, especially if you are looking for a home that will grow with you over the years. From families with young children, through to older couples looking for a home on a low maintenance block to enjoy during their retirement.

So, if you’ve been thinking of building, Ben Trager is THE home builder in Perth for a two-storey home. We offer a huge range of double storey home designs to suit every need and wish list, and our amazing team of expert staff are on hand to help you make all the important choices.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, we recommend visiting our stunning display homes. As well as getting to see the quality of home we build, you will get to see the layout of your chosen design first hand and get a chance to speak with one of our friendly consultants, who can answer all your queries and advise you on how to get started on your home building journey.

Trying to decide who to build with is never easy, it’s a big investment and can be very costly if you make the wrong decision. At Ben Trager, our years of experience in the industry mean you can trust us to get it right. We have fine-tuned the whole building process to make it as smooth as possible for our clients. So, contact us today to get your dream two-storey home started as soon as possible.