There are literally hundreds of land estates dotted throughout WA, some hidden amongst gum trees in the hills, others covering former market gardens or hugging the coastline of the Indian Ocean. And while each location gives buyers the opportunity to purchase something truly unique, with so many estates on offer, it’s important to know what to look for to make sure you choose the right one.

For many people, choosing the right land estate comes down to finding a location that suits their lifestyle, and although this is obviously a very important consideration, what’s even more essential is asking yourself if the estate has the amenities you or your family require now and into the future.

It’s no secret that currently there’s a trend to build exceptional children’s playgrounds in new land estates, to make them more appealing to young families. This might be tempting but don’t be misled, topping your list of considerations should be the future of the estate.

Make sure you find out what the future town or estate plan looks like and thus, what the estate will look like in years to come. Are there plans in place for the development of community facilities and infrastructure? Will there be schools in close proximity? Will there be employment opportunities nearby? And are these services going to fulfil your needs both now and in years to come?

Consider the estate’s surrounding areas too. Is it close to road links or planned road links and thoroughfares? If there’s a need for greater access to public transport has it been included in future government plans? These attributes can not only help the property hold its value, they can also make living in the estate more convenient for you and your family.

Believe it or not, what we now think of as established suburbs were once land estates and they too started out as areas with freshly planted trees on verges, unestablished gardens and lots of sand, with plans for new roads and facilities. Over the years, the trees have grown, shopping centres have been built and schools and community centres have been well and truly established. In many cases these land estates have become highly sought-after suburbs with blocks that are now being subdivided and redeveloped and homes that are being renovated and extended.

The right land estate – one in a favourable location with strong future planning – will create a thriving community where your family can settle and grow for many years to come.